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July 23, 2014

This is the last set of posts for this installment of my sister’s adventures. I will probably coax a final back in the USA post & if you are interested, I’m working on a UNESCO post. 🙂


The same day that I got back from London was the grand finale of the 2014 World Cup when the Germans would take on the Argentineans. I very much wanted Germany to win, but mainly just because I don’t think I will ever have this same opportunity. I went to watch the game at a big soccer stadium in Aachen where there was probably around 15.000 people. The fact that no one scored in regular time was extremely nerve wrecking.  After the way Germany beat Brazil in the semis, it seemed crazy that they wouldn’t win in the finals. Luckily, in the 113th minute of the game, Mario Götze of Germany scored and everyone just went crazy. I was trying to think of a time that we celebrate like that in America and frankly I couldn’t think of anything. Yes, we have the Super Bowl, but this was a time when an entire country is cheering for one team in a sport that is huge for them. The US doesn’t even back the Olympic teams in the same way. After the game we celebrated in Aachen style with beer on Pontstrasse (that’s the street with all the student bars). It was an incredible experience to be with all the other Deutschen supporting the team.

New German friends

New German friends

Tschüβ! (turns out the way I spelled it last time is very wrong haha)


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