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Day Trip from Florence: Fiesole

April 1, 2014

So it was New Year’s Day and EVERYTHING was closed in Florence, so I planned a day trip to the hilltop town of Fiesole. It is an Etruscan village overlooking Florence, the fresh air and green hills were refreshing.



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    Florence: The city of rebirth, art, & the Medici | J is for Journey
    September 27, 2016 at 6:42 pm

    […] Although arguably most famous for its Renaissance monuments, Florence is actually built on Etruscan ruins. Never heard of the Etruscans? That’s ok, most people haven’t. In brief, the Etruscans are the native peopleย in Central Italy (that’s where Tuscany gets its name actually!). They were conquered by the Romans and their stuff was (literally and figuratively) buried by Roman achievements. The best place to see Etruscan ruins in the area are actually just outside Florence, in Fiesole. […]

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