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Upcoming Travel Plans

October 3, 2019

So we don’t have our usual plethora of travel plans on the docket but I do have a few exciting things to share! This Thanksgiving we are taking a lazy roadtrip up to Charleston to spend the holiday with dear friends that moved up there for residency. Even more special is that another set of friends are meeting us up there! The trip idea was hatched as a whim and then of course I started immediately seriously googling it, found it enjoyable and feasible so viola! POOF! It became reality. I will definitely share my planning for that trip ASAP!

As of right now we are NOT traveling anywhere this winter, the house is just a crazy mess and we need to slow down for a hot sec. But my sister & her boyfriend are coming to visit from Germany and my family will be at our house for a few days around Christmas. The stress I feel at our house still being “under construction forever” is palatable.

Thirdly, I am traveling again as a chaperone this Spring Break to London, Paris & surrounding countryside (Most notably: Stonehenge & the Beaches of Normandy). Last year was a blast and I am really looking forward to a second round!


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