And I'm off to Greece!

March 14, 2019

I am heading out this evening to Greece for spring break!!!! Yesssss. I am chaperoning a school trip so I’m going sans Will :(. But I’m super excited and nervous for this trip. Excited because uhhh hello it’s Greece & nervous because this is the first trip I’m going on as an adult that I did not plan and I am a control freak. Buttttt I’m sure I’ll get over it once I see the gorgeous Aegean sunset.
I do however have lots of thoughts about how this trip has been so different for me from my traditional travel style and I can’t wait to blog about once it is all said and done.
I’ll be posting on Instagram while abroad so follow at jisforjourney if you’re interested! And of course there will be blog posts on the UNESCO Sites & images from the AP Art History 250 we’ll be seeing while there. (although I still have like 4 trips worth of material to post about…)
P.S. It will be both the Orthodox and Catholic Lent while we are there so I’m really excited to get a glimpse into some of those religious traditions.

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