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2018 Fall & Winter Travel

September 20, 2018

Shockingly enough, we are NOT traveling for Thanksgiving, even though we still have the whole week off. Instead we are: HOSTING Thanksgiving. Terrifying indeed. But Will and I figured that it would be nice considering it’s the first Thanksgiving in our house and my family’s mainstay Thanksgiving host is traveling for the holiday. That left a vacuum for us to fill. It will be a small Thanksgiving with 7-9 people but I’m determined to start practicing now!
However, that does not mean we are giving up fall travel! My husband’s cousin in getting married early November so we are going up to Cape Cod for the wedding weekend. Hope to have beautiful fall weather we sorely lack in Florida! I love big family parties & I love my husband’s family so this should be a blast!
Now we get to the exciting bit! Will and I are going back to Italy the day after Christmas! A couple of months ago I got an itch to go back to Assisi and Siena, two of my favorite places from when I studied abroad in college. So I had Will put a casual watch on flights and last week he found a great price and so we booked them! We’re going to make our base in Assisi and Siena but we’ll also rent a car (a scary thing in Italy!) to be able to explore the surrounding countryside. Winter is not the most gorgeous time in Central Italy but I don’t care, we traveled in winter 5 years ago and I found it a different kind of beautiful. Plus, I love seeing how different countries celebrate the holidays.
P.S. Although not related to fall or winter, I am 99% going to Greece for spring break with students as a group leader assistant to the AP Art History teacher. I am losing my mind over this opportunity. Greece was always second on my art history list, after Italy of course!

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