Happy AP testing!

May 7, 2018

Today starts AP testing, which can be a flurry of last-minute review sessions, practice tests, and drills. But personally, I like to slow it down this time of year (don’t get me wrong, we are taking 2 mock multiple choice tests this week!) However, I find that if I am calm and having fun then it rubs off on the students too, which is exactly what they need this time of year.
I apparently *shocked* one student when I told her that I was collecting their AP World Review packets the day BEFORE the test. She was panicking because she wouldn’t have it to study that night. I promptly told her that I wanted her to have a nice dinner with her family, maybe watch a movie (please no bad “historical” films) and then go to bed early. 🙂 Who knew this advice would throw her off her so much but I stood firm on the fact that I was collecting packets beforehand.
In that same vein, I always do something FUN the day before the AP test, in the past I have done yoga or we ate breakfast together, or I pulled out art history coloring books. I find that this time decompressing allows us to talk as a class about our content and they can ask questions in a relaxed manner. No idea what I am going to do this year Wednesday, May 16th but I have a feeling cupcakes are going to be involved. 🙂
My kids work their butts off all year and I don’t want that stress and anxiety to overshadow their performance on the AP test. Teachers, what do you do during AP season with your kids?

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