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Feast Day Co. Guest Post: Flying Friar

Feast Day Co. Guest Post: Flying Friar

Hey guys!

I wrote a guest blog post for The Feast Day Company on the Flying Friar. His feast day is coming up on Wednesday, September 18th & we will be eating chicken wings to commemorate. It’s actually a pretty funny story how we stumbled upon him. Check out my blog post on their site, Chatter in the Vestibule:

The Feast of the Flying Friar by Jessica Furiosi.

Also, they have fantastic Catholic books, food products, yummy-smelling candles & other religious paraphernalia. Put something in your virtual shopping cart while you’re on their site. I love their stuff!


P.S. This is totally not a sponsored post, they asked me to write something for free, so I did. Yay! Enjoy!

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