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2024 Summer Plans

2024 Summer Plans

I am only detailing the major events; in between all those we spent lots of time at story times, splash pads, playgrounds, and playdates. Every day felt like an adventure with two littles.


The first major event of this summer was me doing the AP Art History Read for College Board virtually, from home. I chose this method this year because I am still breastfeeding the baby and I (1) didn’t want to be away from him and (2) did not want to deal with pumping while away. I selected to read 4-5 hours per day, which was a perfect balance with home life. Will was “primary parent” while I was reading but one day, my first day of the Read, my mom had to watch the boys because will went to Ocala to lead professional development about developing a research course.

The day after my Read was over Will flew out to Kansas City for his AP Biology Reading. I was now the “primary parent” alone for 8 full (& long!) days. We filled almost every morning by getting out of the house and the afternoons at home. We survived, had a lot of fun even, but I was very glad when Will came back home. Sprinkled throughout the summer Will worked on virtual lesson planning through the University of Florida on AI and data in science.

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The next major event for June was POTTY TRAINING! This summer we only had a week and a half where all four of us were home so we scheduled to start potty training the day after Will returned from the AP Read. It went way easier than we expected, thank goodness!

We ended the month with Will spending three days at a bachelor party (for a wedding later this summer) in Miami. I was, again, solo parenting it but we invited friends over for dinner, went to the pool, and spent a morning at my parents home in Sanford (which is in the process of major renovations).


This month has a lot going on with lots of little events, but every week has something. The second week of July is William’s and my dad’s joint birthdays so we are going to Lakeland for 4 days to do the Florida Air Museum, Legoland, Bonnet Springs Park, & the Polk Museum of Art. My parents promised us a date night out and I am looking forward to the alone time.

Two days after the Lakeland trip we are off to Gainesville for two and a half days so Will can attend the Cancer Research Conference for Science Teachers at the University of Florida. They are covering his cost of attendance and a hotel room so the boys and I are crashing with him. I am taking care of the boys during the day doing fun stuff like the Florida Museum of Natural History and the Cade Museum. The weekend right after this trip we have a wedding in Jupiter, Will is a groomsman. Thankfully my parents are able to join us on this trip to watch the boys while we are at all the wedding events; definitely planning a beach morning!

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The Monday after the wedding, we are back home working 4 days teaching professional development for our school district. The boys will be with their wonderful caretaker those days. The week after this, our last week of summer, we are up to Silver Springs, Ocala because Will is leading a half-day professional development (with the same organization in June). We are only spending two days, one night there to make his 2-hour drive worth it.

And that’s it; a summer that feels very chill but happily busy at the same time!



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