2024 Book Swap

2024 Book Swap

This year the rules changed (just a little) – Will finished my book 2 days after Memorial Day. That has never happened before! The longest book swap reading period was when I was given Atlas Shrugged (a ginormous book!) & had to resort to the audiobook version to finish. But I finished before the new year.

To avoid another year-long drag out, & to encourage dialogue as we read, we are setting up bi-weekly check points. The goal is to finish in 10 weeks, just in time for the back to school rush. We started this tradition our second year dating, so we have been doing this now for over a decade! I have a blog post with an overview of the previous books we have swapped CLICK HERE.

This year the book Will made me read was Finding Darwin’s God & I had him read Devil in the White City.



Will has bent another rule this year too. We have always assigned a book we have read (for obvious reasons), Will is halfway through Finding Darwin’s God and has been begging me to read it. So this way, he and I will kind of “read it together.” I am not a fan of this rule alteration, but I will let it slide this year.

I hope you take up this special tradition of ours. It’s a fantastic opportunity connect to the people around you on a different level. We welcome the opportunity to step into each other’s (literary) worlds.

Happy reading!


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