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2023 Summer Book Swap

2023 Summer Book Swap

Will is still working (struggling) through my book assignment, but, as I constantly remind him, struggle is a good thing sometimes! Plus I have struggled through some of his assignments, and they were always worth it in the end.

This is a decade of swapping books for the summer, if you want an overview of the previous books we have swapped CLICK HERE. Basically, each summer we “assign” each other a book the other person has to read (no ifs and or buts about it!) & without their input. It may sound like torture but it’s a fun way to connect over books and expand your literary adventures.

This year the book Will made me read was Napoleon’s Buttons: How 17 Molecules Changed History & I had him read S. (this is sort of the title of this book…).

I hope you take up this special tradition of ours. It’s a fantastic opportunity connect to the people around you on a different level. We welcome the opportunity to step into each other’s (literary) worlds.

Happy reading!


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