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2022 Summer Plans

2022 Summer Plans

As always, our summers are CRAZY!!! Are you ready for this??? Not sure we are. 🙂

But first some great professional news about next year: Will & I have some announcements!

Will is adding AP Research, to his already ambitious teaching load of AP Biology, Science Research & Chemistry. Our hope is that he will grow both research classes together to lose the Chemistry class because 4 preps is a lot. A lot a lot. Luckily the new class will be run just like his Science Research class so it shouldn’t be like teaching a whole new class.

And I am moving schools!!! I could not be more overjoyed to get back closer to home (40 minute drives at 6:10am are no joke). I will be working at the local high school, which is a 10 minute walk from my house and William’s future elementary school is right across the street. I also will have a sweet teaching load: AP Art History, AP World History, & regular World History.

UCF Genomics Summer Program (Will)

So Will hasn’t told me much about this (although I have asked a few times particularly for this blog post lol) & I can’t find anything available online but what I do know is that it is a 4 day workshop 9-3pm about genomics.

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AP Biology Summer Reading, Kansas City MO (Will)

Last year was the first time Will did the AP Biology Reading (as in grading essays from that year’s AP Biology Exam). It was all virtual (because of COVID) and he was not a fan (I wasn’t either the year before I did it for AP Art History) but we decided to give is another go this year in person. Plus it is a decent check and we make no money over summer. . .cha-ching!

He has to travel to Kansas City, MO for the week of reading essays but it’s also a great opportunity for networking & going out with fellow AP teachers from around the country. We’ve heard the reading in person is great professional development! Hopefully next year I can do the AP Art History one, but we decided to pass on it this year because of the baby.

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Sarasota & AP Research Summer Institute (Will)

A really good friend is spending a few days in Sarasota with her family and invited us to see her. It happens to be the same week that Will is attending a virtual summer institute to be able to teach AP Research so we decided to combine the two. Will will spend his days in our hotel or at a local coffee shop doing his institute and then his evenings doing fun stuff while I spend the free time with my friend & taking the baby to cool Sarasota things. We hope to pop to the beach before heading home.

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Oxford University: History, Politics & Society Summer School (Jess)

You can read all about this once in a lifetime experience in the link below. The academic trip is for me, of course, but Will & the baby are joining me for the trip while my parents, sister & fiance are joining for the first week. Yayyy!!

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Random Baby Stuff

Whatever time we have left unscheduled I contacted other mom friends home for the summer to hang out. I have a few low key things plans like library circle times, kiddie pool play dates, walks, and just hanging out. Will is also gone a week for the AP Biology Summer Reading so I am heading down to South Florida to spend 4 days with my family.

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