2022 Summer Book Swap

2022 Summer Book Swap

This is our 9th year of swapping books for the summer, if you want an overview of the previous books we have swapped CLICK HERE. Basically, each summer we “assign” each other a book the other person has to read (no ifs and or buts about it!) & without their input. It may sound like torture but it’s a fun way to connect over books and expand your literary adventures.

This year the book Will is making me read is Catch-22 & I am having him read History of the World in 6 Glasses.

I hope you take up this special tradition of ours. It’s a fantastic opportunity connect to the people around you on a different level. We welcome the opportunity to step into each other’s (literary) worlds.

Happy reading!


P.S. didn’t realize until the summer of 2023 that I never posted this!

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