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2022: September Goal Reflection

2022: September Goal Reflection
1. Leave the state of Florida once.

Technically checked this off with our Oxford trip but I was hoping to make a USA trip to see family, but with domestic tickets so high I don’t see that happening. Will is going on a work trip to DC, and originally I planned to join him with the baby, but their COVID rules are ridiculous and I can’t make it happen. Well he WAS going on a work trip but Hurricane Ian ended those plans.

Annnnndddddd Will & I just booked a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas because it was a “free offer” for teachers.

2. Complete at least 3 arm-specific workouts per months.
  1. yes I did one with coworkers
  2. the baby wanted to be carried 24/7 for days on end, ugh
  3. Nike Training App 10 minute arms workout (after a 10 minute ab workout with the baby crawling all over me)
3. Spend an average of less than $550/month on groceries.
  • $160.53 via Kroger Delivery (this was an extra delivery for my family coming up for the weekend)
  • $83.35 via Kroger Delivery
  • $128.18 at Winn-Dixie
  • $46.59 via Kroger Delivery
  • $212.62 via Kroger Delivery (pretty much 80% hurricane prep – so I am not going to count it towards the total)
  • $89.64 at Winn-Dixie (mix of Will’s birthday & hurricane prep)

TOTAL: $508.29

4. Jog at least once a week.
  • Week 1: mmm no
  • Week 2: negative
  • Week 3: negative
  • Week 4: I have an actual excuse this week: hurricane
5. Use no more than a roll of paper towel per month.

I probably could go another year plus not buying paper towels.

6. Complete a deep analysis of The Iliad.

I really should have known better than to make this my goal this year; although I didn’t know I would be at a new school with new classes when I made this my goal originally.

7. Grow my emergency savings account to at least $5,000.

I haven’t put the money in a seperate account but I have $500 to set aside this month.

8. Use my slowcooker at least 4 times a month.
  1. more chicken broth (now I’ve got to use it & plan on expanding to beef broth soon!)
  2. Slowcooker Honey Chicken (served with rice & Asian stir-fry veggies)
  3. Slowcooker Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas
  4. the hurricane interrupted by plans for Slowcooker French Onion Soup
9. Spend no more than $50 on frivolous personal spending.
  • $4.58 for a year-long membership to – I bought this in December of 2021 sooo it technically doesn’t count for this goal BUT it should because I am using the membership in 2022 ($55 for a year-long membership, so I am splitting up the cost per month to be fair)
  • $2.83 National Geographic History Magazine 1-Year Subscription (6 issues – $34 for a year-long membership, so I am splitting up the cost per month to be fair)
  • $24.99 May Catholic All Year Digital Membership (I’m pretty sure will be ending this membership at the end of the year)
  • I went to the consignment store and paid $0 for a new skirt because I had credit
  • $8.20 at a new-to-me local coffee shop in the mall
  • -$6.40 I sold things to a baby consignment
  • I bought a skirt at Target which was $0 because I had a gift card
  • $56 Catholic All Year: Eternal Rest Candle, Stations of the Cross Banner & Titles of Mary Banner (eeekkkk I know I know!!!)

TOTAL: $90.02

10. Make a meatless dinner at least twice a week, especially Friday.
  • Week 1: Brussels sprout with coconut milk rice, Garden Fresh Curry & Quesadillas
  • Week 2: Basque-inspired Grilled Cod with Peppers and Saffron Rice & Rice and Beans with leftover veggies
  • Week 3:Quesadillas & Lentils over Rice
  • Week 4: Potato Cakes with Roasted Radicchio and Roquefort & Onion Soup
11. Go to church every Sunday & Holy Day of Obligation.
  • Week 1: Sunday 8am with my parents since Will was out of town
  • Week 2: Sunday 8am
  • Week 3: Sunday 8am
  • Week 4: between hurricane prep + Will’s birthday + baby waking up at 5am and falling back asleep when we normally get up for mass
12. Send someone a surprise postcard once a month.

No, but I did surprise Will with a cute baby-made birthday card

13. Travel internationally at least once.

Checked this one off with our trip to Oxford & now awaiting our Germany trip this Thanksgiving for my sister’s wedding in Aachen.

Anddd Will & I just booked a cruise to the Bahamas post Christmas (it was “free” for teachers!!!)

14. Listen to at least 2 hours of Spanish language learning a week.


15. Listen to at least 2 hours of Italian language learning a week.
  • Week 1: no
  • Week 2: Not 2 hours worth but I did about an hour total of an Italian podcast this week (mostly because I was in the car so much longer than I now am)
  • Week 3: nothing this week
  • Week 4: no
16. Go out on a date with the hubby at least once a month.

Finally we went out for a proper date night for Will’s birthday: Sushi Pop & a local Oktoberfest block party with neighbors.

We also met up with another set of neighbors for afternoon drinks food & toddler playing at the Yardery in downtown Sanford post-hurricane.

17. Do yoga at least twice a month.

No, but I really needed it this month.

18. Only shop second-hand for clothes I want (& do not need).

I went to the consignment store and paid $0 for a super cute new striped skirt because I had credit! Double win!

I bought a new dress at Target, not consignment, but it was $0 because I used a gift card! Still a win!

19. Vacuum at least once a week.
  • Week 1: Will vacuumed & my mom swept a lot
  • Week 2: Yes…I think
  • Week 3: Will vacuumed
  • Week 4: oh yes, the house desperately needed it
20. Write at least 1 art history blog post a month.

AP Art History Hunting in London & South England

21. Waste more time with the baby (& hubby).

This is my favorite goal & we are much better at it now than we’re parents. I accept I am not going to get a lot done and you know what? Nothing has burned down (yet).


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