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2022: May Goal Reflection

2022: May Goal Reflection
1. Leave the state of Florida once.

I left Central Florida for South Florida, feels like a different state. lol If it counts, Will went to Atlanta for a week for International Science Fair.

2. Complete at least 3 arm-specific workouts per months.
  1. I did a impromptu arms & legs workout in the living room while Will cooked dinner
  2. 10 minute upper-body workout to finish a core workout
  3. nope
3. Spend an average of less than $550/month on groceries.
  • $122.17 via Kroger Delivery
  • $121.13 via Kroger Delivery
  • $37.28 at Winn Dixie
  • $38.92 at Publix
  • $120.73 via Kroger
  • $60.12 at Winn Dixie
  • $79.96 via Kroger Delivery (to be fair, this was delivered 2 days until the end of the month…sooo)

TOTAL: $580.31

Dang! soooo close!

4. Jog at least once a week.
  • Week 1: you guessed it…nope
  • Week 2: honestly it’s too hot after work, I might have to wait until summer mornings
  • Week 3: last two weeks of school…so not happening
  • Week 4: mmmm no
5. Use no more than a roll of paper towel per month.

We are getting expert level at this. I think I used 2 squares all month just to wipe up grease from the stove.

6. Complete a deep analysis of The Iliad.

So I think I read just a few pages, and now I have a TON of reading for my Oxford trip sooo The Iliad is definitely not happening. But the baby doesn’t mind when I read a few pages out loud to him so I’m going to try that strategy a bit this summer.

7. Grow my emergency savings account to at least $5,000.

After this summer, when we get paychecks again, we will be able to actually plan for building this savings up again. Will’s savings account is very healthy, but I would like to get this up again before we (hopefully) bring in another baby into the family. However, there is no way it’s going to get to $5,000.

8. Use my slowcooker at least 4 times a month.
  1. Slowcooker Chickpea Sweet Potato Stew (except I forgot to defrost stuff the night before so it became a 4 hour slowcooker instead of 8)
  2. Slowcooker So Easy Vegetable Soup from Vegan on the Cheap pg. 198
  3. Slowcooker Reuben Sandwiches
  4. nope
9. Spend no more than $50 on frivolous personal spending.
  • $4.58 for a year-long membership to – I bought this in December of 2021 sooo it technically doesn’t count for this goal BUT it should because I am using the membership in 2022 ($55 for a year-long membership, so I am splitting up the cost per month to be fair)
  • $2.83 National Geographic History Magazine 1-Year Subscription (6 issues – $34 for a year-long membership, so I am splitting up the cost per month to be fair)
  • $24.99 May Catholic All Year Digital Membership
  • $3 Rosary print from SweetLittleOnes Shop on Etsy (she gives out free birthday prints so I always then pop on her shop to buy something too)
  • $41.38 from as a going out of business sale (2 candles & 3 zucchini saffron pasta packets)
  • $19.92 from The Little Catholic (they gave me $10 off for my birthday so I bought a rosary bracelet)

TOTAL: $96.60

Not doing so hot for myself with this goal, I was supposed to cut back this month after April.

10. Make a meatless dinner at least twice a week, especially Friday.
11. Go to church every Sunday & Holy Day of Obligation.
  • Week 1: Mother’s Day Mass in South Florida with my mom (my first with a baby in my arms, but don’t forget: a mother become a mother when she is pregnant. So to me, no, this is not my first mother’s day.)
  • Week 2: Sunday 8 am
  • Week 3: Sunday 8 am
  • Week 4: Sunday 8 am + we went on a church hike the Saturday before
12. Send someone a surprise postcard once a month.

Does thank you and graduation cards count?

13. Travel internationally at least once.

Officially bought our tickets to Oxford for my History, Politics and Society Summer Program!

14. Listen to at least 2 hours of Spanish language learning a week.
  • Week 1: nada
  • Week 2: nada
  • Week 3: nope
  • Week 4: 2 sessions in the car
  • Week 5: no but Will brought home some Spanish textbooks to practice & went to the library to get Spanish board books to read to the baby
15. Listen to at least 2 hours of Italian language learning a week.
  • Week 1: nothing
  • Week 2: nope
  • Week 3: nah
  • Week 4: 2 sessions in the car
  • Week 5: no
16. Go out on a date with the hubby at least once a month.

Not a date where it was just the two of us having time together but we did get to go out with a bunch of teachers to celebrate the end of the school year. And we went for a walk at 7am together (with the baby but he was occupied in the stroller).

17. Do yoga at least twice a month.

I really need to stop putting this off. My backs and hips are definitely feeling “momlife.”

18. Only shop second-hand for clothes I want (& do not need).

I didn’t buy any clothes so, yep, nailed this one.

19. Vacuum at least once a week.
  • Week 1: Will was gone all week so the house when to absolute poop
  • Week 2: we hosted the Oviedo Tennis Banquet so I convinced Will to have our cleaning lady come by for the week so I am not cleaning until she comes lol
  • Week 3: nope see comment below
  • Week 4: we got a cleaning lady before the Tennis Banquet & I definitely needed to vacuum the day after
  • Week 5: now that we’re all home for the summer I am vacuuming at least every other day if not more than that
20. Write at least 1 art history blog post a month.
21. Waste more time with the baby (& hubby).

School’s out for summer!!!! Although we are always incredibly busy over summer, it’s a different flow to life.

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