2022: July Goal Reflection

2022: July Goal Reflection
1. Leave the state of Florida once.

FINALLY!!!! It’s been years since I left the state of Florida (Will has had a few chances to escape) & this month we finally made it to Oxford. Currently this is double counting with my goal to travel internationally at least once but we will also be going to Germany for my sister’s wedding in November so, then, it will be split into 2 goals.

2. Complete at least 3 arm-specific workouts per months.

I mean pushing a stroller around a lot while in England should count.

3. Spend an average of less than $550/month on groceries.

*Note: Soooo with us being in England for 3 weeks, this was hard to do. Instead of splicing out each grocery trip (which was nearly daily) while in Oxford, I just summed it all up on one line.

  • $443.53 England grocery total
  • $188.21 via Kroger Delivery
  • $35.58 at Target

TOTAL: $667.32

4. Jog at least once a week.

Zero jogging while in England but almost 10 miles a day of walking EACH DAY for 3 weeks. That’s got to count for something.

5. Use no more than a roll of paper towel per month.

We weren’t home this month sooo check there and in our VRBO we only used 2 rolls for 3 weeks (paper towels are just more practical while traveling).

6. Complete a deep analysis of The Iliad.

Big fat nothing done this month (might be that way for a while) but I did reading for my classes at Oxford (not in entirety though…).

7. Grow my emergency savings account to at least $5,000.

We spent a lot of money while in England. No shock there but once I start getting paychecks again (#summerteacherlife) I will set some aside for savings.

8. Use my slowcooker at least 4 times a month.

No, because I wasn’t home all month.

9. Spend no more than $50 on frivolous personal spending.
  • $4.58 for a year-long membership to – I bought this in December of 2021 sooo it technically doesn’t count for this goal BUT it should because I am using the membership in 2022 ($55 for a year-long membership, so I am splitting up the cost per month to be fair)
  • $2.83 National Geographic History Magazine 1-Year Subscription (6 issues – $34 for a year-long membership, so I am splitting up the cost per month to be fair)
  • $24.99 May Catholic All Year Digital Membership
  • £29 shorts and 2 dresses at H&M, Oxford
  • £30 shoes at Westgate Mall, Oxford

TOTAL: $32.48 + £59 (yes I know I can do the conversion math, I am not bothering)

*Note: I am excluding all fun coffees, snacks, souvenirs, & other fun things while in England because we were traveling, that’s not “real” life.

10. Make a meatless dinner at least twice a week, especially Friday.

I didn’t eat vegetarian much when eating out in England, but we cooked vegetarian quite a bit. I just didn’t really pay attention to what we ate or what days we ate vegetarian.

11. Go to church every Sunday & Holy Day of Obligation.

With chaotic traveling we missed 3 weeks in a row, but July 17th we went to mass at the Oxford Oratory. So beautiful & absolutely everything we want in a home church community (but don’t have). Ahhhhh!!!

12. Send someone a surprise postcard once a month.

Does it count if I sent myself a postcard from England? Yes.

Growing up, my family had a travel tradition to write ourselves postcards and mail then to ourselves (usually one per attraction). It was always a lot of fun to come home and receive postcards that we had written.

13. Travel internationally at least once.

Oxford, England babyyyyyy!!!! (and in a few months Aachen, Germany for my sister’s wedding!)

14. Listen to at least 2 hours of Spanish language learning a week.

Figuring out British England has been enough thank you.

15. Listen to at least 2 hours of Italian language learning a week.

No, but there are shockingly a ton of Italians touring Oxford & there are 4 in my program. So I got to have a little practice (mostly eavesdropping).

16. Go out on a date with the hubby at least once a month.

Dates were hard on the Oxford trip because our third wheel baby was cranky most meals BUT we made the most of nap times. We got to have one nice dinner together while he was sleeping (bottle of wine & everything!) and a few good park dates or pub dates but the baby was not as compliant as we are used to back home.

17. Do yoga at least twice a month.

Not. at. all.

18. Only shop second-hand for clothes I want (& do not need).

It was so freaking hot in England we actually had to buy some summer clothes (incredibly ironic as we are from Florida with closest full of summer clothes). I ran across a second hand store but I didn’t have the time to spend going through those racks. I bought a few things from H&M and a pair of sandals from another shoe store. Not second-hand but I think it’s excusable.

19. Vacuum at least once a week.

Will vacuumed before we left for England and then we left for 3 weeks. So check!

20. Write at least 1 art history blog post a month.

No, but we got to visit Stonehenge so I will be updating those posts with my photos soon.

21. Waste more time with the baby (& hubby).

Traveling with a baby means lots of “wasted time” (aka park hangouts, lazy afternoon drinks while baby naps, walking slowly behind him as he crawls in museums).

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