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2021 Summer Plans

2021 Summer Plans

I hope you are not mistaken that this will be a slow summer for us because it is certainly not! This summer will definitely look different (no travel for us) but we like to keep busy. Instead of the travel & in-person workshops that we normally fill our summer days with, this year it is mostly about preparing for baby! We’re trying to get projects off our lists, finalizing baby research (health insurance & day care oh my!), decorating the nursery, and still making time for local & virtual academic pursuits.

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House Projects

Sooo we are embarking on a full kitchen renovation (crazy with a baby on the way? yes, yes I would agree).The reason we are adding this crazy project now is that Will got a nice bonus for winning Teacher of the Year & we know if we delay this will never get done with a baby/toddler running around. Besides, now that we pretty much redid the rest of the house (with the exception of the laundry room & guest/kids bathroom, the 1994 kitchen looks extra shitty. We are keeping the layout but pulling out all cabinets, getting white shaker put in with oiled bronze pulls, cream/white & gray granite countertops, and some kind of white/blue talavera tile backsplash (still deciding there). The project should be done by early-July. *fingers crossed*


  • Cabinets, sink & countertop: $10,395.00
  • Put the plumbing behind the cabinets – $180 (done by a handyman friend)
  • Backsplash – TBD
  • All the other random things that go into a project – TBD

There are also a lot of little things we want to get done in the house to “finish it.” Rugs in a couple of rooms, finishing putting up shelves & art, organizing the pantry & entryway, etc. No major things & stuff that wont be “done” this summer but it feels like a nice way to welcome a baby home.

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Baby Projects

This baby is due the first week of August so we are definitely racing against the clock this June & July. My goal is to get the nursery mostly done by the end of June. Most of the baby stuff we have has been gifted and was unceremoniously shoved in the backroom, I already have it all catalogued in an excel spreadsheet (I do this as I receive items so it is not overwhelming) but it now needs to get cleaned & organized. Thankfully my Madrina came mid-May to kick-start this process and she emptied the room of its junk

Our baby shower is scheduled for our 5th anniversary weekend (June 12). I thought it would be a nice way to bring it all full circle. My Madrina, mom & sister-in-law are in charge of planning it & they always do a fantastic job! I can’t wait to finally get to celebrate with vaccinated family (some even from California & New York!).

Although not exactly a “project,” my summer is also full of baby-related appointments:

  • Weekly allergy shots
  • Weekly high-risk FMH ultrasound visits
  • Biweekly OBGYN visits
  • Cardiologist appointment
  • Dentist appointment
  • Child-birthing, breastfeeding, taking care of newborns classes at the hospital
  • Hospital walk through

Professional Development – Jess

I am doing two paid opportunities at my school. The first is a 2-days for 6 hours of paid time to work with my World History team (PLC) to prep for next year (I am going to spend those 12 hours making maternity plans y’all!). The second is a 4-day workshop on utilizing PLCs better because I am the lead for World History. I was one of a group chosen by our principal last year, but it got cancelled (thanks COVID. . .). Luckily they are putting it on again this summer & they’re paying us a $400 stipend. I know that is chump change to the business world (& honestly education should do better!) but something is better than nothing.

I also signed up for another week-long virtual PD through Rice University called Critical Historical Themes in Religion and Culture for Secondary Social Studies and ELA Educators. It’s unpaid but normally you’d have to travel to Texas for the experience so I’m excited to be able to participate from Florida!

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Professional Development – Will

Will applied to two virtual programs with UF. One is called the Summer Research Experience and it is spread out amongst 3 weeks of summer specifically for teachers who have attended their CATALySES program, which Will did the summer of 2017. This one comes with about a $1,500 stipend (score!). And the second one is the Summer Science Institute, which is a one-week research-based summer program; I think he’ll be paid about $500 for that. This year it is going to look very different being all virtual but I am glad these opportunities still exist for teachers! Especially grateful he can stay home with me during the third-trimester, make some money, & still do some virtual learning.

Will also got accepted to be an AP Biology Reader this June for about $25 an hour (I also got accepted to read but turned it down, I know my third-trimester pregnancy boundaries). The week luckily does not coincide with his other summer opportunities (shocking I know!) & he selected to only do 4-5 hours a day.

Not related to our summer goals but here’s the goodies from the Catholic All Year Liturgical Living Subscription Box for Summer Ordinary time!

  • Monstrance Chain for the Feast of Corpus Christi
  • Holy Family Hearts Vinyl Sticker for the Feasts of the Sacred Heart of Jesus & Immaculate Heart of Mary (+Chaste Heart of St. Joseph)
  • Honey & Locusts to eat for the Feast of St. John the Baptist
  • Plan of Life Notepad & Spanish Tortilla Recipe Card in honor of St. Josemaría
  • California Missions Vintage Postcards & Pencil for the Feast of St. Junípero Serra
  • Lace & String Art Craft Set for the Feast of St. Zelie
  • Print of St. Kateri Tekakwitha & a recipe card for Three Sisters Soup for her feast day
  • Brown Scapular for the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
  • Spoon Rest with an image of St. Martha (patron saint of cooks)
  • St. Augustine quote beer coasters


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