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2021 Summer Plans Reflection

2021 Summer Plans Reflection

House Projects

Maybe this is nesting? I don’t know. What I do know is that we had these things on our to do list for a loooong time & this is what happens when both of you are home for the summer not able to travel.

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Random House Cost:

  • Little side table/stand for a living room chair from At Home: $25
  • Planks & associated materials to make storage in the attic from Lowe’s: $213
  • Large Tupperware to properly store stuff in attic from Target: $86
  • Rugs for kitchen & hallway runner: $??? (haven’t purchased yet)

COST: ~$324+

Kitchen Renovation Cost:

  • Cabinets, sink & countertop from Discount Cabinets: $10,395.00
  • Put the plumbing behind the cabinets: $180 (done by a handyman friend)
  • Reattaching sink, disposer, dishwasher plumbing: $200 (done by the same handyman friend)
  • Talavera tile from Tierra y Fuego: $1,225.50 (this is the cost for the kitchen backsplash AND the fireplace with shipping)
  • Moen MotionSense Wave Kitchen Faucet & Soap Dispenser: $330.63
  • Random Kitchen & Pantry Organization/Decor Items: $118.90 (Target, Ross, Office Depot, & TJ Maxx) – some of this stuff was used in other rooms too like the guest bathroom, laundry, entryway, etc.
  • Grout & tiling supplies: $??? **still unfinished as of 9.7.21

COST: ~$12,330+

Master Bedroom Cost:

  • Armchair: $0 (Actual cost $300 but it was one of my parent’s baby gifts for us, so it did not cost us anything personally)
  • Headboard: $120
  • Pillow for Armchair: $20

COST: ~$140

Guest Bedroom Cost:

  • Dresser: $80 (Facebook Marketplace + Will painted it white)
  • Desk: $140 (Facebook Marketplace)
  • Nightstand: $50 (Facebook Marketplace)
  • Lamp & lampshade: $43 (At Home & Target)
  • Desk organizer: $13 (& then I just put overflow desk stuff from our study)
  • Desk chair: $97
  • Bedskirt: $16 (we already had the comforter, pillows, and other accessories)

COST: ~$440

Laundry Room Cost:

  • Paint & related materials: $40 (a friend lovingly painted this for us!)
  • We used the old upper cabinets from the kitchen (spray painted white) in the laundry room for storage #upcycle: $0
  • Dryer rack & bar: $70

COST: ~$110


Baby Projects

The nursery was our main house-related baby project (no surprise there), but there’s lots of other little things we got done that is baby related but then our little man surprised us and came 3 weeks early!

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Nursery Costs:

  • Dresser/changing table from Facebook Marketplace: $140
  • Decor from Catholic Company: $65
  • Shelves for books & decor from Amazon & Wayfair: $155
  • Crib: $0 (FREE from a coworker)
  • Curtains from At Home: $34
  • Rocking chair: $0 (a gift from my mother in law)
  • Baby random organization & storage: $67+16+144 (some of this went into general house organization too)
  • Garbage can (& wipes storage): $0 (FREE because we used an old Simple Human garbage can #upcycle)
  • Painting supplies: $100 (the painting itself was graciously done by 3 friends/coworkers)


Professional Development – Jess

World History PLC

  • In person
  • 2-days for 6 hours of paid time to work with my World History team (PLC) to prep for next year
  • hourly wage

Solution Tree 4-day PLC Conference

  • In person at my school with all the schools working virtually with the company
  • 4-day workshop
  • $400

Rice University: Critical Historical Themes in Religion and Culture for Secondary Social Studies and ELA Educators

  • all virtual
  • Monday-Thursday 9:00am – 1:00pm (Friday is an optional day but I had other things going on)
  • unpaid

Professional Development – Will

University of Florida: Summer Research Experience

  • all virtual
  • spread out among 3 weeks (the last week is when the baby was born but Will pre-warned them he might not be able to attend the last bit)
  • $300

University of Florida: Summer Science Institute

  • all virtual
  • one-week research-based summer program
  • $1,500 (+$500 as retro pay from completing a previous summer program)

College Board: AP Biology Reader

  • all virtual
  • a little over one week, Will picked the 4-5 hours/day option
  • $868

Not related to our summer goals but here’s the goodies from the Catholic All Year Liturgical Living Subscription Box for Fall Ordinary time!

  • Mother Teresa kitchen tea towel
  • Virgin Mary birthday party supplies
  • Crybaby tears candy for Our Lady of Seven Sorrows
  • Tempura Recipe Card for the Ember Days
  • Rosary Kit for Our Lady of the Rosary
  • St. Michael the Archangel Devil Piñata
  • St. Thérèse of Lisieux sacrifice beads for her “little way”
  • Guardian Angel wooden prayer retablo
  • Icon of the Virgin Mary for the Feast of St. Luke
  • Papal Cream Cake recipe for the fest of St. Pope John Paul II the Great
  • Eternal Rest pen, banner & candle for Hallowtide
  • Family Patron Saints poster


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