2021 September Goal Reflection

2021 September Goal Reflection

If 2020 has taught me anything it is that I have much less control over my life than I could fathom. Without further ado, my somewhat boring goals for 2021!

1. Build proper storage in our garage &/or attic (to finally get the stuff junk out of all our closet

So we definitely moved things to better locations in the attic & garage but somehow it did not clear out one of our guest bedroom closets. Honestly I think a lot of the stuff in there is junk & can be donated but I can’t make those decisions without Will.

2. Travel outside the state of Florida at least once.

Trying to plan something for winter break but, because Christmas falls smack in the middle of our two weeks off, it can’t be too far. Will is not comfortable with flying right now with the baby so car it is!

Although in Florida, we did travel to Anna Maria Island for the hubby’s birthday weekend. Unfortunately the beach fell through due to red tide (& that was THE reason we were going to Anna Maria in the first place. boooo)

3. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Does (decaf) iced coffee count????

4. Spend an average less than $650/month on groceries.

*My mother in law came up Tuesday-Thursday & cooked for us. 🙂 And then my parents & Aba came up the weekend and also brought food. Life is good!

Week 1, September 1-5

  • On list:
    • $64.72 via Kroger Delivery
  • Off list:
    • $70 via Kroger Wine Delivery (3 bottles of Cava & 6 of a Spanish red blend #noregrets)

TOTAL: $134.72

Week 2, September 6-12

  • On list:
    • $73.60 via Kroger Delivery
    • $18.46 at Publix (just the things Kroger couldn’t fulfill)
  • Off list:
    • $0

TOTAL: $92.06

Week 3, September 13-19

  • On list:
    • $83.96 via Kroger Delivery
  • Off list:
    • $0 – I don’t go off list much when typing things into the Kroger app but that may change once I go back to work in November & need easy snacks

TOTAL: $83.96

Week 4, September 20-26

  • On list:
    • $89.28 via Kroger Delivery
  • Off list:
    • $0

TOTAL: $89.28

Week 5, September 27-30

Note: I got take out one night & my cousin went to the store to pick up some stuff another night so we definitely got food but nothing to count on here.

  • On list:
    • $0
  • Off list:
    • $0


  • Monthly Grand Total On List: $330.02
  • Monthly Grand Total Off List: $70
  • MONTH GRAND TOTAL: $400.02

5. Write 2 art history blog posts a month.

Not in September but I am seriously going to make an effort in October since my sister is with us for the month & can help watching the baby.

6. Keep my potted herbs alive (& maybeeee add more green things to my backyard).

So while my Aba was up for Labor Day weekend we took a trip to Lowes to buy some plants. She swears to me these are “impossible to kill” & don’t need much besides water. We shall see.

7. Use my slow cooker at least every other week.

  • Week 1: Heated up a taco chili frozen meal given to us by a coworker
  • Week 2: nope
  • Week 3: negative
  • Week 4: nah
  • Week 5: mmm no

8. Go for a jog or long walk every week.

  • Week 1: I was lazy this week and only did 2 morning walks & 1 evening one (1.5 miles each with the baby)
  • Week 2: I am now in a good rhythm of 3 or 4 neighborhood walks each each but I do need to start adding in some jogging to that.
  • Week 3: same as above
  • Week 4: same
  • Week 5: went on a few evening walks with my cousin while she stayed with us

9. Practice yoga at least twice a month.

10. Read at least 5 books classified as “classic literature.”

Downloaded Meditations by Marcus Aurelius as an ebook on my phone but when I went to read it, I hated. So I need to go back to the paper version.


11. Grow my emergency savings account to at least $5,000.

This will be a no all year because I liquidated my savings to cover me while on unpaid maternity leave.

12. Vacuum at least once a week.

  • Week 1: my mom vacuumed – it counts!
  • Week 2: negative
  • Week 3: does the Roomba count?
  • Week 4: nope
  • Week 5: we had our lovely cleaning lady come to get the house nice before the baptism

13. Focus on working out my arms more.

Will and I had a late afternoon workout sesh in the garage while the baby napped. I focused on abs & arms.

14. Finish our patio decorating.

The plants give it a really nice touch – I think it’ll look nice for the baptism October 3.

15. Spend an average of LESS than an hour and a half on my phone per day.

lol nahhh dude. Not with breastfeeding.

16. Buy no books (unless I have a gift card of course).

I almost caved, multiple times but I held out!

17. Do no school work on Sunday.

Can’t. I’m locked out of all school systems.

18. Call someone out of the blue to chat at least once a month.

Yep! Called my cousin & my godmother out of the blue.

19. Finish decorating our two extra bedrooms.

Yes they are now totally done, although the closets need major work (but that’s goal #1).

20. Organize an intentional date with my hubby once a month.

I planned a surprise birthday weekend on Anna Maria Island, unfortunately the beach was gross due to red tide but we got to do the pool at least.

21. Start a family.

My little nugget is almost 3 months old now. He phasing out of his newborn phase and becoming a real baby lol. Motherhood was always something I wanted, dreamed and hoped for and now in the midst of it I know it was meant for me. I love being his mom.


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