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2020 Winter Break Travel Plans

2020 Winter Break Travel Plans

sooooo my ambitious over-optimistic travel plans for this break have been severely reduced lol I’m not shocked, a little bummed but whatever. That’s how 202o goes right?

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Instead of all that we are just doing the Georgia cabin & here’s what happened: not surprisingly COVID cases started going up & Will was nervous that a day or two before our trip Philadelphia stuff was going to close & we didn’t want to spend all that money to do nothing. So I canceled the AirBnbs there, apologized, and we kept the Georgia/DC part because it was free.

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But then a few things happened at once and we just weren’t feeling a drive to DC even though the apartment would have been free. It was just adding more stress and worry than we needed; so this past  week we decided to keep it simple. So our NEW plan is:

Friday, December 18 

Drive to Cherry Log, GA after work & spend the next few nights in my neighbor’s parents cabin

Saturday, December 19- Monday, December 22

Ummm doing things as we want to do them. lol Here are some options:

    • Hiking Appalachian/Blue Ridge
    • The German town of Helen
    • The cutesy Christmas town of Dahlonega
    • Amicalola Falls State Park
    • Relaxing in the Cabin
    • Bigfoot Museum???

Our plan A is to break up the drive back by stopping by at Providence State Canyon on the way home to Central Florida. So (well see) but the goal is to leave the cabin in the morning on Tuesday, December 22 then overnight it near the canyon to then drive home Wednesday, December 23. We’ll see if that happens? Plan B is to just drive home on the 23rd.

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