2020 Summer Plans

2020 Summer Plans

Welp. This is going to be a way shorter blog post than most summers. lol But we do have a few plans, some more of a “reach” goal and some that are really overdue:

  1. Build a raised garden in the backyard
  2. Finish installing the baseboards in the whole house
  3. Probably ignore school work until we know what fall 2020 will look like
  4. Add artwork/decor/shelves to our empty walls
  5. Maybe *finally* finish the laundry room & our master bathroom
  6. Continue social distancing
  7. Design & work on our “outdoor living spaces” (aka awesome backyard & patio)
  8. Install the dining room light fixture I got on Facebook Marketplace
  9. Actually make the guest bedroom livable & cute
  10. Attend/teach virtual summer PD & workshops (Will may have one in person)
  11. Explore some cool local places instead of the travel we were going to do instead 🙁
  12. Try not to be lazy and actually workout & wake up decently early
  13. And if we get really bored…build a faux built-in bookshelf for our study


P.S. most of these are just extensions of my 2020 plans. Might as well whittle it down now that we have time *sarcastic yay*

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