2020 November Goal Reflection

2020 November Goal Reflection

In an effort to actually maintain my 2020 goals, because they are in fact good for me, I figured I would blog about them. This seems to be a good medium for reflection and accountability for me. Soooo let’s see how I did in November shall we?

By the way: November 29, 2020 is the start of Advent!!! To brush up on what I am talking about here are some blog posts:

1. Find a morning prayer routine

November is a very special months for Catholics, it is the month to remember and pray for the dead. I absolutely love this Catholic devotion and add special intentions for my dead loved ones & strangers alike:

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord,

and let perpetual light shine upon them.

May they rest in peace. Amen.

A Catholic company that I love, Feast Day Co., send me their November box as a thank you for a video I made them. In the box was a chaplet for the dead. I am going to add it to my prayers this month specifically for those who have died of COVID.

Read more: Your Guide to Catholic Holidays on Death

2. Travel internationally relatively cheaply at least once

3. Finish our master bathroom renovation

Will, my darling, FINALLY put up the towel hooks and shelf he made :))) ahhhh I love it! The bathroom looks Pinterest-worthy right now. And during Thanksgiving Break he finished refurbishing the crappy wood-rotted back door. All I need to do is to convince him to buy art and put stuff on the shelf and we will be done with this goal. OMG.

4. Work out at least twice a week

Week 1:

  • Tuesday, November 3: 19 minute run (&&&& guess what! I actually ran the whole time. Big deal for me. yay)
  • Wednesday November 4: 1 hour hike with a friend at the Orlando Wetlands Park – gorgeous!
  • Saturday, November 7: 20 minute run + 1 mile walk with the hubby (had to get out all that Biden excitement!)

Week 2:

Week 3:

  • Tuesday, November 16: ~30 minute jog/walk (my knee was killing me booo)
  • Thursday, November 19: 1.5 hour hike with a friend

Week 4:

  • Monday, November 23:1 hour walk with a friend
  • Tuesday, November 24: The Ultimate 12 MINUTE HIIT Workout for Women! (16:21)
  • Wednesday-Thursday. November 25-26: marathon cooking and sweating in the kitchen certainly counts
  • Saturday, November 28: spending all day cleaning up fall decor & taking out Advent/Christmas stuff (including a few trips to the attic!)

Week 5:

  • it was really only Monday, so no

5. Build a bookcase for our library

6. Do not purchase new clothes unless I get rid of something first

Sooo had a great sale on skirts and I went a little extra. I got 3 for a whopping total of $70.94. I got rid of a romper that never fit right, a skirt I bought online this March that always felt frumpy and another skirt that, although super cute, I have not worn in 2 years & now feels a little too short. Maybe it’s because I’m turning 30 but slightly longer hemlines just feel more “me.”

Middle of the month I did the great purge of my closet to move things into the guest bedroom see-if-I-actually-miss-them pile. I don’t intend on purchasing 1:1 on the things I get rid of because that’s serious money but now I won’t feel bad if I pick up an item or two.

*Note: I did not buy anything during Black Friday (I’m not really a fan but I do love browsing)

7. Reduce our grocery bill by $100 a month (it’s like $800 right now!)

With the COVID pandemic I wanted to find a way to help community families in a small but sustainable & consistent way. So I decided that every time I go food shopping I would add something for the local food pantry. I do not include that in our costs here but just an FYI.

Week 1:

  • Monday, November 2: $72.84 at Publix
  • Thursday, November 5: $74.81 at Publix
  • Friday, November 6 $7.48

Week 2:

  • Monday, November 8: $172.96 at Winn-Dixie (FYI $25 dollars is for my pre-Thanksgiving practice turkey!)
  • Thursday, November 10: $173.46 at Winn-Dixie
  • Saturday, November 14: $16.76 (shocked? me too lol) at Publix

Week 3:

  • Monday, November 16: $161.45 at Winn-Dixie (got lots of hosting-Thanksgiving-necessities this trip)
  • Saturday, November 21: $50.04 at Publix

Week 4:

  • Sunday, November 22: $92.72 at Public
  • Sunday, November 22: $126.10 at Aldi

Week 5:

  • Monday, November 30: $150.90 at Winn-Dixie

Grocery TOTAL for November: $1,099.52

Restaurant TOTAL: $79.84

8. Finish decorating the living spaces in our home

Does decorating for Thanksgiving and Advent/Christmas count???? 🙂

9. Read and/or listen to at least 30 books

I do a big book review at the end of the year but these are the books I have read or listened to in November:

10. Blog at least once a week (or 52 times over the year)

I successfully blogged 4 times this month:

  1. Catholic Culture: 2020 December Calendar
  2. 2020 Pennsylvania Road Trip Planning
  3. 2020 October Goal Reflection
  4. Trying to be Thankful in 2020

11. Transform part of my backyard into some kind of garden

After months of having this struck out we may have made some progress here! Not much, don’t get excited.

  1. I am cultivating my lemons like crazy so it feels very garden-y
  2. Will put up wall-mounted containers & I have officially put herbs in them. Now to see if I can keep them alive. . .

12. Practice yoga at least once a month

Here are the following times I practiced yoga:

√ 13. Cook a meal 100% out of my pantry at least every other week

I’m going say I’m “done” this this goal. Got it, I’m good.

√ 14. Apply to (& get accepted) to one summer program

Although my programs got cancelled last summer, I am hoping to go to Oxford this upcoming summer but the pandemic has been. . .well. . .unpredictable. Fingers crossed!

15. Host someone over for dinner at least once a month

Thanksgiving 100000% counts here! We hosted Thanksgiving 2 years ago and it went well, really well considering it was my first time making the feast. This year I kept it pretty much the same:


  • Spinach Dip-Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Blue Cheese Logs & Crackers with Apples & Honey

Main Meal

  • Spatchcock Turkey
  • Homemade Gravy
  • Corn Pudding
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Herb Focaccia Rolls
  • Homemade Cranberry Sauce
  • Savory Sausage Stuffing (the kind not stuffed in the bird)

The Extras

  • I was able to score a free Pecan Pie
  • My aba made Pumpkin Pie & an Apple Pie
  • Wine

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16. Write a letter (& mail it!) at least once per month

Failed yet again here.

17. See at least 5 artworks from the AP Art History 250 Curriculum

18. Have a cheap date with my hubby at least once a month

The night that Biden was declared the President-Elect we went out for a well deserved drink at Henry’s Depot in Sanford, FL. Y’all if you are visiting Central Florida you need to spend a foodie afternoon & evening in downtown Sanford. Highly recommended.

√ 19. Get at least a 65% pass rate for my students in AP World History

√ 20. Vote Trump out of office (!!!!)

The goal that I MOST wanted was achieved. Saturday, November 7th 2020 while proctoring the SAT Biden pulled ahead with Nevada AND Pennsylvania! He did it man! He did it. To say I feel immense relief would be an understatement. Now America can get back to work making this a better country for EVERYONE. Rebuild community relationships, rebuild decency, rebuild cooperation, rebuild democracy. Roll up your sleeves America & get to work!

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