2020 July Goal Reflection

2020 July Goal Reflection

In an effort to actually maintain my 2020 goals, because they are in fact good for me, I figured I would blog about them. This seems to be a good medium for reflection and accountability for me. Soooo let’s see how I did in July, shall we?

1. Find a morning prayer routine

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thine intercession was left unaided.

Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my mother; to thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful.

O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me.


2. Travel internationally relatively cheaply at least once

obvious no. And I am finally coming ’round to the idea that this will probably be a “no” for the rest of 2020.

3. Finish our master bathroom renovation

We are got a new back door glass insert (with blinds) so I can use the bathroom and not worry if people are in the backyard. 🙂 Now just finishing touches: order a hamper (they’re out of stock!), hang a little shelf, buy a rug, hang towel hooks & put up photography from Seville to pull in the blue & white tile. Sadly, Will wants to wait until we get a hamper in before doing anything else.

This goal is moving (much) slower than I anticipated. Trying to be patient. It’s not working.

4. Work out at least twice a week

Week 1:

  • Saturday, July 4: quick walk around the neighborhood (~1.5 miles) to see the fireworks

Week 2:

  • Sunday, July 5: loooonnggggg 6 mile walk (about 1 hour & 50 minutes) to the local university & back to our house
  • Monday, July 6: Nike Training Center – Upper body Core Blend (26 minutes)
  • Tuesday, July 8: 30 minute walk
  • Wednesday, July 9: 30 minute walk
  • Thursday, July 10: I cleaned the whole house (yes this counts)

Week 3:

  • Tuesday, July 14: I helped a friend move all afternoon in the Florida heat (this is like a double workout!)
  • Wednesday, July 15: two leisurely walks about 30 minutes each
  • Thursday, July 16: moved 12 heavy palettes in the Florida heat -__-

Week 4:

  • I had a 3-day virtual conference that just zapped my energy this week
  • Saturday, July 25: vacuumed & mopped the house

Week 5:

  • Thursday, July 30: hour and a half hike

5. Build a bookcase for our library

6. Do not purchase new clothes unless I get rid of something first

I got a dress from TJ Maxx for $10!!! To balance it out, I got rid of a dress I haven’t worn in 2 years because it never really fit right. I am also on the lookout for more balette flats because I only have 1 left and I will be in need for school.

7. Reduce our grocery bill by $100 a month (it’s like $800 right now!)

So I did really bad with this goal this month, as you can see from the totals below. However, we are not dumping food & my freezer is super loaded with things I got on sale. So I just have to be careful in August using stuff from the freezer first!

Week 1:

  • Sunday, July 5th: Winn Dixie $119.41 + Publix $136.29

Week 2:

  • Thursday, July 9th: Bravo (hispanic supermarket) $35.77

Week 3:

  • Friday, July 17th: Winn Dixie $304.78

Week 4:

  • No groceries this week

Week 5:

  • Monday, July 27: Public $163.73 + Winn Dixie $30.35

Grocery TOTAL for July: $790.33

Restaurant TOTAL: $130.56

8. Finish decorating the living spaces in our home

We did a big purge at the beginning of the month going through things we had in storage & got rid of a lot of things we’ve been holding on for far too long. At this point the living areas area really coming together! We bought and put together a bench for the front door, & Will made a padded seat for it – a total DIY!

We’re not in a huge rush to put up a bunch of pictures because we want to do it thoughtfully and meaningfully but I am happy with our progress.

9. Read and/or listen to at least 30 books

I do a big book review at the end of the year but these are the books I have read or listened to in July:

10. Blog at least once a week (or 52 times over the year)

I successfully blogged 10 times this month:

  1. 2020 June Goal Reflection
  2. 2020 Fourth of July
  3. Why I love AirBnb
  4. AP Art History: Materials, Processes, & Techniques in Prehistoric Art
  5. AP Art History: Cultural Influences on Prehistoric Art
  6. AP Art History: Theories and Interpretations of Prehistoric Art
  7. #35. Acropolis Plan. Athens, Greece. Iktinos and Kallikrates. c. 447-410 BCE. Marble.
  8. 2018 Umbria & Tuscany Italy: Budget Reflection
  9. AP Art History: Purpose &  Audience in Ancient Mediterranean Art
  10. Uberoi Teaching Indian Dharmic Traditions: Itinerary

11. Transform part of my backyard into some kind of garden

eeeekkk now that it’s hella hot I don’t think this is getting done this summer, which is a huge bummer for me. Hopefully in the fall, when it cools down, we can get to it.

12. Practice yoga at least once a month

Here are the following times I practiced yoga:

13. Cook a meal 100% out of my pantry at least every other week

Ok self brag here – I am literally whipping up restaurant quality meals here. I am having a ton of fun experimenting in the kitchen & I get to cook things I would never spend time on during the workweek. Hoping that any skills & confidence I learned over social distancing will carry over when we have to go back to work.

Self-reminder: I also create gross things (I just don’t take pictures of them) lol but the fails are hilarious

14. Apply to (& get accepted) to one summer program

  1. Worked on the “Women and Politics in 20th-Century America” & “American Immigration History” online self-paced summer courses by Gilder Lehrman.
  2. July 20-22: participated in the Uberoi Foundation Fellowship for Teaching Dharmic Traditions Summer Program
  3. Will & I are taught 2 morning sessions for the virtual PD put on by our district this summer.

15. Host someone over for dinner at least once a month

We got new neighbors & invited them over for our weekly social distancing drinks in the driveway. . .they didn’t come.

16. Write a letter (& mail it!) at least once per month

Does emailing government & school officials count? I think it should.

17. See at least 5 artworks from the AP Art History 250 Curriculum

No, again, but I’m still blogging about them!

18. Have a cheap date with my hubby at least once a month

Honestly this month was filled with more angst about what going back to school will look like than sweet moments but we still managed to celebrate little moments. Top “date moment”: borrowing our friend’s Jeep & trailer to pick up 12 palettes. Top down driving on a summer evening = perfect.

19. Get at least a 65% pass rate for my students in AP World History

Omg. Omg, WE DID IT!!!! AP teachers got our scores out July 15 & I had an 85.2% pass rate. Let the happy dance ensue. My kids really pulled through during our Quarter 4 “emergency learning” & I’m so proud of them. Except for that one kid who just wrote the lyrics of a song and didn’t try, my only 1, that kid can suck it.

20. Vote Trump out of office (!!!!)

At this point if you are still voting for him, the only way you’ll change is if you are personally harmed by his idiotic anti-science policies. I have lots of hateful thoughts that I am going to keep to myself but I do want to say I am sorry you were duped by him. . . again; I’m sorry you fear the future so much you are willing to bring us into the “dark ages”. . .again. I never never wish ill on others, but that is the only way some people learn, and I pray you can open your eyes before it gets to that point.


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