AP Art History Banner Images

Hey AP Art History teachers!!! I made these banner images for each of the 9 content areas. Feel free to download and use in your classrooms; they work really well as page headers in an online platform like Canvas (that’s how I use them at least!)

Hope they’re useful. 🙂 Feel free to leave me a message if there are any other AP Art History graphics you’d like!


*Note these are not endorsed by College Board in anyway and I am not receiving any profit off of them; they are to be used for educational purposes only. Images are my own & may not be manipulated.

APAH Banner CA 1APAH Banner CA 2APAH Banner CA 3APAH Banner CA 4APAH Banner CA 5APAH Banner CA 6APAH Banner CA 7APAH Banner CA 8APAH Banner CA 9APAH Banner CA 10


2 thoughts on “AP Art History Banner Images

  1. Thank you so much! These are amazing and I will use them in Canvas as well. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. Misty

    [Reedy HS]

    Misty Foster

    Reedy HS Art Department

    AP Art History | Art I – IV

    463.633.6455 x66414


    Reedy High School

    3003 Stonebrook Parkway

    Frisco, Texas 75034



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