2019 Summer Round Up: Week 3

We got a lot done with the house tile this week, so much so it’s becoming increasingly difficult to actually live in our house…sooo we’ll see what next week brings.


We rented a trailer for a week from Home Depot so take tile & other debris to the dump. Will didn’t want to pay for it another week so we were on a tight deadline to get a lot (all) of the flooring up. It was mostly my job to fill up the trailing or cars with stuff for the dump while Will popped up the tile and scraped off the thin set. All that manual labor was one hell of a workout!


We also sold the tub this week FINALLY!!! Added that $125 bucks to my “fun fund.” Instead of a tub (not my thing) were expanding the shower & adding more storage.

wedding group

Besides the house we celebrated our third wedding anniversary by going to Ceviche, the restaurant we had our reception. It is our mandated tradition to try to recreate our wedding meal as much as possible so we order all the things we had available at the wedding.

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We also scheduled the plumber to redo our poly pipes (they’re recalled) this upcoming Tuesday!!! It feels so good to be able to check that item off our loooooong to do list. We are still looking at a few different tile people for estimates but they just don’t want to get back to me and that is super frustrating. We hope to have someone contracted for that work before I leave for my Duke summer program. Fingers crossed.



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