Summer Book Swap 2019

Each summer my husband and I pick a book out for each other that we have to read. It’s a fun little tradition we have done every year we’ve been together (read HERE for information about our past summer book swaps). It really forces us out of our traditional literary comfort zone and provides common ground for conversation.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, for which I can receive compensation for purchases.

See what we are swapping this year:


A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

Surprise surprise this is the book I am *suggesting* (forcing) Will read to read this summer, a science book – shocker. I’ve always been fascinated by astronomy (like I would be an astrophysicist in another life) & Will’s been trying to get through a book on quantum mechanics for a while now, so I figured it would be a great book to spark intellectual conversations. I read this book a few years ago and I actually understood the concept of black holes which always seemed more like dark magic than science to me lol. Now don’t ask me to explain how black holes work, because I totally cant – I would just suggest this book to you.

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

I shouldn’t have been surprised when Will “assigned” me this book. He’s been talking about it forever and I guess it’s not surprising that this is the year that it is my book to read since I started running (like kinda…), I mean I still don’t run 3 miles consistently. 🙂 Yeah, it’s bad but I’ve been going pretty much every damn Tuesday since September. So maybe this book with inspire me to run just a little bit further. We’ll see.



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