2019 Summer Round Up: Week 9

2019 Summer Round Up: Week 9

This week was AWESOME!!! After hanging out in a house with no floors for a few weeks the tile finally came! Our shipment of 1600 sqft of tile arrived to our house on Tuesday. They plopped in onto our driveway and then Will and I had to haul it into our house. Talk about a workout. Holy cow!

Even better, the tile guys showed up on Wednesday to tile the house! We had 5 guys all day to kick things off; they finished about half the house and came back Thursday with 3 guys to finish the thing set and tile. They’re finishing grouting on Monday. While they were tiling Will and I were kinda stuck with nothing to do, totally opposite what we’ve been doing all summer. But a nice chance of pace.

tile layingWill sitting on tile

Also, we got an update on our master bedroom window debacle. Not sure if I updated the blog with our plans on that so here’s a brief background: this whole renovation thing started when we found mold behind our master bath shower (that was 23 weeks ago actually!) so we started that demo work and the monster just grew and grew to its current state. 🙂 Will was dead set on expanding the shower since we took out the unused garden tub from the master. Unfortunately we have a rather large window that was impeding our expansion possibilities. Who wants a 4 foot window facing their toilet anyways!? We have been searching for weeks for someone willing to make the window smaller. I didn’t think the job was that hard, but no one wanted to do it.

Wellllllll as of Tuesday our window will be done in 2 weeks (fingers crossed) for $1,700. So freakin’ excited. This does mean however that we will still be renovating when the new school year starts but the end is near! Hallelujah!


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