2019 Summer Round Up: Week 6

2019 Summer Round Up: Week 6

This was a slow week. We’re kind of stuck: waiting for professionals to do parts of their job before we can move on, but we’re also waiting for shipments to come in so those professionals can actually get started. What a frustrating Catch-22!

dimensions of the me airport outfit

For starters, I returned from my Dimensions of the Middle East summer program Friday night and Saturday morning we drove my mother-in-law down to South Florida to spend a pre-birthday weekend with her and my dad. It was relaxing and super chill (which was very welcomed after everything these past few weeks!) It was also nice to actually sit in a house with floors and furniture. lol It’s the little things in life huh? 🙂

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house demo kitchen 2house demo floor and toolshouse demo will doing floorshouse demo kitchen

We drove back to Orlando Monday midday and since then we’ve been doing little jobs around the house: finishing the tile demolition, ordering our new tile from Home Depot (good bye $3,500), purchasing bathroom fixtures (good bye $1,700), and trying for the love of goodness to nail down professionals for tile & window installation with little progress.

American flag

Thursday was the Fourth of July so we took a little afternoon break to hang out at a coworkers house. Nothing major. Friday & Saturday were a mix random house jobs and packing for my next NEH Summer Institute: Teaching the Holocaust through Visual Culture. I am selfishly happy to get out of the house for 2 weeks and although I am leaving Will behind, he is super busy the next few weeks also. He is working with a consultant on his Science Research class 8am-3pm next week & attending the national AP Conference the following week. Sooo expect a few more slow weeks in terms of house stuff. Oh well. It will get done…eventually (certainly before Christmas because we’re hosting this year. yikes!)


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