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2019 Summer Round Up: Week 5

2019 Summer Round Up: Week 5

This week is a little sparse because I was away at the first of two summer programs so Will was left home alone. But that does not mean things didn’t get done! On Monday the plumbers came by to change our recalled pipes (yay!) which means we now have huge holes in our way (boo!). Will also got a bit more of the floors done but we it feels that our list just keeps getting bigger and bigger each week rather than the other way around.

pipes 3pipespipes horizontal

I had an amazing time on my Dimensions of the Middle East program at Duke University and I cannot wait to share my itinerary and thoughts with you guys! Our program ranged from geo-political issues from decolonization to religious diversity to the modern expressions of resistance and revolution. So much information in so little time!

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Dimensions of the ME booksjess hijabDimensions of the ME postit notes

Told ya this week’s post was going to be short!


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