2019 Summer Round Up: Week 4

2019 Summer Round Up: Week 4

Some of this week’s activities are a blend/continuation of last week’s round up post. We finished taking up ALL the tile in the house (except for the bathroom because I need some for sanity). The whole floor is concrete & our minimal furniture is all shoved into our master bedroom. It’s nice and weird to be back in this room because we were forcibly removed from here in February when we found mold in the master bathroom. That is actually where this whole renovation started. Man what a journey it has been!




We have gotten quotes from the tile companies and now we just have to pick one. I won’t spill any beans until we are more sure! Speaking of tile, we are about ready to order the 1700 sqft of tile from Home Depot to be delivered to our house to be ready for the tile guys in a few weeks. And this is where we start bleeding money!!!

So our plumber was supposed to come out last Tuesday but, as is work in construction, we got pushed off to this upcoming Monday. Fingers crossed this time! But once the plumbing is done we can finally shop around for a new insurance policy (since we had a $10,000 water exclusion with our old pipes). That is seriously a financial load off our shoulders.


I also got in some sessions of professional development this week. Just two morning sessions from 8:30-11:30 am but my county pays you $50 per morning session so that’ll be at least a little money in the bank plus the sessions were helpful to get some plans together for next year…which I do anyways so might as well get paid for it!?


P.S. I leave for my Duke Dimensions of the Middle East program on Sunday (tomorrow) so next week’s post will either lack substance (because my husband was lazy without me) or will just lack photos (because he doesn’t take any). We’ll see!

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