2019 Summer Round Up: Week 2

2019 Summer Round Up: Week 2

Pretty much the same old thing from last week: demolish, clean up, demolish, go to Home Depot. Repeat. We finished demolishing the floors in the master bedroom (the master bath was done last week). Gearing up to start the floors in the rest of the house which is a mix of hardwood, laminate, carpet and tile (I know…who the hell did these floors!). Bonus points, we found an ants nest behind the baseboards in the guest bathroom. Great…..

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Looking for some good news??? We picked out the wood tile we like (bad news is that I hate spending a few thousand dollars on it). We haven’t ordered it yet because the rest of the floors aren’t demolished. We have a deadline/goal of finishing the floors before I leave for my program at Duke, June 23. Keeping my fingers crossed!

We also saved money in the plumbing department because Will demoed the bathroom and made it accessible for the plumber to get to them easier. Since we saved $600 I approved Will to use that money to make the shower larger. This was not something I cared about at all, not that I was AGAINST it, but he really wanted it. I figured since he did all that work on the bathroom, he could use the savings to finish it as he wanted.


In non-house renovation news, Will started his summer program at UCF on Wednesday & Thursday. This will decrease the time he personally has to spend on the house but it will also provide us with a couple thousand dollars to use on the house. I think it’s worth it! Right now we are in the process of deciding (with some arguments in there) on how much he/we are going to do ourselves versus professional help.

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Professional Help:

  • Tile installation
  • Plumbing
  • Shower installation
  • Bathroom window installation


  • Flooring demolition & dumping
  • Master bathroom design
  • Moving furniture out
  • Removing baseboards

That’s all I’ve got for now!


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