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2019 Charleston Road Trip Planning: The Final Countdown

2019 Charleston Road Trip Planning: The Final Countdown

With one week to go before we leave for our Thanksgiving road trip I still feel kind of unprepared, research-wise, for this adventure. I wanted to do further historical research on the places on my list to figure out what the “must dos” were and what went on my “like to do” list. However, with a week left of school (& my world history kids turning in DBQ essays soon) I doubt I will have much mental space for this exploratory work. So I’m deciding a little laissez-faire may not be a bad thing. 🙂

Sometimes when I feel I haven’t planned enough or researched enough I have to remind myself why we travel: to enjoy life. And stressing myself out to no end is not helping me on that goal. Now that being said, I will probably peruse the Pinterest links I pinned ages ago and I definitely want to google more about the Gullah culture around Beaufort, but beyond that I’ll let it go a little.

There is no city on Earth quite like Charleston…Wandering through its streets can be dreamlike and otherworldly, its alleyways and shortcuts both fragrant and mysterious, yet as haunted as time turned in on itself.

–Pat Conroy

Now for those of you just reading this without background probably think I’m some free spirit last minute traveler. NOT AT ALL lol. I have a lot more planned for this vacation than some people may have put into their honeymoons. If you’re interested, below are previous blog posts about what is supposed to be a lazy road trip to Charleston for Thanksgiving.


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