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2019 Charleston Road Trip Planning: Formulating the Idea

2019 Charleston Road Trip Planning: Formulating the Idea

I usually write my travel tip blog posts retrospectively; I carefully think about why I did, what I liked, didn’t like, would do differently, etc. But when I was in the middle of planning our winter trip to Italy I had a different idea: what if I write posts as I was going along in the planning process so you could see how all that unfolded in ‘real-time’? And people seemed to like it, so I figured I would tackle another “trip planning in progress” series.

This Thanksgiving we are taking a “lazy” road trip from Central Florida to Charleston for Thanksgiving.

Hatching a Plan

In this blog post I am going to break down the way this idea even came about and where my daydreaming has taken me. So the moment I got the “ok…maybe” that I took as a green light I started planning hard core. I jumped on this bandwagon so fast because we were in the middle of getting our tile done in our house so I was bored. 🙂 My mind immediately started looking things up on Pinterest & a Lonely Planet ebook I have about The South.

Now, I can’t pretend that this idea popped into my head out of nowhere. The moment our friends found out that there were moving to Charleston, Will and I started planning a way to see them. I had visited Charleston as a kid with my family and remembering loving this coastal town so I was super eager to go back.


After the plan was “hatched” I started my favorite part of the planning process: daydreaming. This is lazy girl’s research: Pinterest, Instagram, leisurely looking through travel books and blogs saving anything and everything that I vaguely liked. We knew from the beginning we wanted to do a roadtrip. We chose this route for a few reasons:

  • flights during Thanksgiving are expensive
  • Charleston is only a 6 hour drive from us
  • I wanted to spend time seeing the American South
  • we didn’t want to be in Charleston the whole week

*Side note: we are both high school teachers so we get the whole Thanksgiving week off…hence our flexibility


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