Hi. Sorry I’ve been slacking

This is a blog post to explain why I’m behind on my blog posts. This is what my life has been recently:

  1. Spent this past weekend in Cape Cod for a family wedding
  2. Monday night church dinner & lecture from 6:15-9:00pm AND trying to get the house back in order
  3. Tuesday run club with the hubby & friends from 5.30-6:30pm
  4. Wednesday Faith Formation classes (where I teach 7th graders) from 4.30-6:00pm AND laundry AND eating out because our pantry is sparse
  5. Thursday Will plays in an Alumni v. Faculty Softball Game at 6:00pm
  6. Friday dinner at a friends house at 6:30pm
  7. Saturday we are determined to do couples yoga (in the living room) that morning & Diwali Festival from 5:00-900pm with some girlfriends
  8. Sunday – try to get my shit together for another week of work before we have the whole week off for Thanksgiving.

Sooo there are a solid 8 excuses why I am a bit MIA here right now! Sorry.


P.S. totally texted this out on my phone while preparing my lunch for tomorrow. Excuse any typos please.


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