Travel Style: Andalusia, Spain

Summer in Southern Spain can be blazing hot, and that’s coming from a Florida gal!, so be prepared with loose, comfortable clothing. However, Spaniards always dress well so make sure you step it up and dress nicely too. Although I brought more clothes than I actually wore (always happens) here is a low down of my outfits for our week in Andalusia, Spain this past summer.


The Dresses

I love wearing dresses during summer because they provide easy ventilation and it’s a one stop shop: no need to match pants to my top – the dress does it all. I brought two maxi dress (floral and navy) and two shorter dresses (black and white) with me on this trip. Each one was perfectly comfortable, pretty for pictures and cool during the intense sun.



As I’ve said before I am not a sneakers and jeans gal but I am totally an sandals kind of girl! This trip I brought 3 pairs of sandals (nude, silver, and brown/gold) along with a pair of Sperrys. They all worked out really well but I probably could have left one of my sandals at home. However, they hardly take up any space so why bother!


Everything Else

Well besides the dresses I brought one pair of jeans, a skirt and a few tops (all in the range of black & white). These things were easy to mix and match together. And although I brought a pair of shorts, I didn’t end up wearing them. I honestly didn’t think I was going to (mostly because Europeans just don’t wear shorts in the city and I like to kind of blend in) but I figured why not bring them, I had the space…just in case.


Airplane Outfit

We intentionally had a long layover (9 hours) in JFK to sight-see before arriving in Spain so my plane outfit had to be comfortable, cute, and long-lasting. I was really nervous about traveling in white linen pants (rightly so!) but it actually worked out in the end. The top picture is early one in day 1 and the second picture is about 24 hours later once we landed in Seville – I think my outfit stood the test of travel!



During summer, I typically keep my accessories to a minimum. This trip I brought a few necklaces, 2 drop earrings, 1 cardigan, 2 purses, my fan and 2 lightweight scarfs then added them to my outfits as I saw fit each morning. The one thing I wish had I brought (and usually do bring on trips) are my pearl studs to add a little understated class.


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