A Day at the Beach House

So on our recent Yucatan vacation we got to stay at my fabulous aunt’s beach house. Although we spent a good deal of time running around to Mayan ruins, Merida, and cute little villages, we still got to spent some good internet-less R&R on the beach. Get ready for a blog post photo dump!

The House

First off this was a perfect house for us: 3 bedrooms, two baths, gorgeous long porch and a beach view. Could not have asked for anything better! Check out some of the awesome features of our vacation house.


Fabulous Food

My aba is the family resident family chef but won’t let anyone in the kitchen to help so I set myself up as the dishwasher extraordinaire to learn her secrets. We ate at home about once a day (see my tips for saving money on traveling HERE) and had some of the best freshly fried fish I will ever eat! Good simple food is all you need in life.


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I love coconut water, so when we ran out in our jarra Will and my dad schemed to shimmy up (not so gracefully) to collect some more coconuts to crack open. This was both the funniest and most dangerous part of our day. I am quiet proud of my play-by-play photography by the way!


Beach Walks

When you open up your back door to the sand you cannot help but be drawn to the beach. Although the water was too cold for my taste, the walks up and down the shore were perfect. One of our family walks we ran into some fishermen just coming in and snagged a delicious lunch.




Lounging About

Nothing like a good book, gentle breeze and a hammock to make for a beautiful afternoon.

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