Travel Style: Yucatan, Mexico

We had the lovely pleasure of spending a week in my aunts beach house on the Yucatan this past New Years. With little strict plans, but lots of options, this vacation unfolded with spontaneity. As beautiful as that idea is, it made a bit hard to plan out my outfits like I normally do, so I opted to “un-plan” and just threw in my favorite summery clothes along with more bathing suits that I could manage to wear in a week. Over all, my un-planning worked out perfectly!


Adventure Attire

I knew at a minimum we would be going to some Mayan temples during out stay which meant being outside in the hot sun and possibly climbing up some steep steps. I was right on all accounts! Although these temple visits totally did not require “rough and tumble” outfits (I saw a women in heels doing it!), I prefer to be comfortable and prepared for anything while abroad.

Here’s what I packed for adventuring:

  • 2 pairs of shorts (1 jean and 1 athletic)
  • 1 pair of Chao sandals
  • 2 tank tops
  • 2 button down tops (white & striped)
  • Headband/buff
  • 2 Sports bras

I like wearing tank tops with button downs because it allows me to quickly cover up if my shoulders are burning but I can also tie my shirts around my waist in case it gets too hot.

Read more: Visiting Mayan Temples: Uxmal vs. Chichen Itza


Sightseeing Clothes

This was the least planned part of our trip so I just packed a bunch of dresses. Each morning we decided what we were going to do and I picked my outfit based on that loose itinerary. This is the benefit of a warmer-climate: very little outfit planning needed!


Beaching It Up

I certainly didn’t use all the bathing suits I brought, but who cares, they don’t take up that  much space! Beach vacation = little clothes.


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packing list Yucatan Mexico


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