The Little Scarf that Could

As I was going through old travel photos the same fashion accessory kept popping up on nearly every trip: my grey and white scarf. I have had this thing for years; it doesn’t even have a tag on it anymore that’s how old it is. I think I got it at Old Navy but I can’t be sure. Honestly, I never realized this was my apparent go-to travel companion but here it is over and over again.

I think this scarf works because it is lightweight enough for warmer climates and can be used as a sarong or tied as a make shift headscarf. However, it’s also decently good at keeping my neck warm when looped around a few times when it’s chilly outside (read: not too cold). So I am writing this blog post to maybe help make you aware of a closet travel staple you may have overlooked. A scarf is literally your best friend when traveling so pick a good one and it will serve you for years in a variety of climates and dress codes.

Here’s some of the pictures I found with my trusty scarf:

Portrait of Madame du Barry, Vigee-LeBrun, 1782-with me
Here I am at the National Gallery of Art in the summer heat, this scarf was perfect for the over air-conditioned museum. And the pattern is subtle enough that it doesn’t compete.
Back again in Washington, D.C.during the fall so this scarf is a perfect accessory.
Who needs jewelry when you have this scarf as your accessory? Not me.
Scarf now becomes a beach sarong in Costa Rica during our honeymoon.
Another museum but I am still wearing the same scarf. This is in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. It’s summer but chilly!
At the San Diego Zoo in California in 2012 with my family.
At a mosque in New York City where my scarf doubled as hijab.

What’s your go-to travel fashion? 


TEMPLATE_ multi-items


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