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2018 Italy Planning: November Edition

2018 Italy Planning: November Edition

What I want to accomplish this month:

At this point I am down to things I REALLY need to do vs. things that can wait until like the week before. Here is my list of things that are giving me anxiety that they’re not done yet:

  • Book rental car from Rome FCO airport (Will’s job)
  • Book Copenhagen airport hotel (after writing this 2 days ago, I got my butt in high hear and got this done)
  • Book Rome hostel (same)
  • Figure out what the heck we’re doing with one “free” day
  • Practice my Italian

Things that can be done later but are still on my mind:

  • Double check prices of places & opening times (this has proven difficult)
  • Save Google maps of each day’s itinerary
  • Make a packing list
  • Get euros
  • Research art historical information for the locations we are visiting

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 2.22.33 PM

What I am happy to say I have accomplished this month:

  • Booked our one-night in a Rome hostel (8 bed/mixed room $37)
  • Booked our one-night stay in the Copenhagen airport hotel ($190 – that price makes me want to vomit but includes breakfast & it is inside the airport!)
  • Booked our stay in a monastery in Assisi
  • Book our apartment right outside the walls of Siena
  • Finished my predictive budget (right now our estimated total, including airfare, is ~$3,600)

The biggest impact to our budget is usually accommodations and each trip I look for stays with different criteria; I truly enjoy the hunt of good hostels/hotels/apartments! This time I really wanted to stay in a monastery in Assisi, that idea planted itself in my mind and I couldn’t shake it. In all honesty monasteries were the first hostels so it isn’t much different besides being more spiritual in nature. Our monastery stay is 310 euros total (4 nights/2 people).

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In Siena, I wanted to change it up and stay in an apartment for 2 major reasons: we were there for 5 nights & one of those nights was New Year’s Eve. I have no interest in bunking up with a bunch of rowdy (possibly puking people) on my decently romantic vacation. So I found a cute apartment right outside the city walls where we could park our car in peace and walk into the city; the total cost for the apartment in Siena: 456 euro (5 nights/2 people).

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 2.05.35 PM

The tricky part about finding accommodations for this particular trip is that we have a car with us, therefore I wanted to find FREE and EASY parking – no easy feat in historic Italian towns. So I ended up paying a bit extra than we normally do for parking perks. Well worth it!

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The other hard part about planning this trip was getting an accurate budget. Many of the sites we are visiting do not have clearly posted costs, a lot of them are churches so are probably free…but not always. So to combat that I added $5 to each location that had no listed cost to cover our butts just in case. Therefore, I hope to come in under budget by estimating this extra but we’ll see. I’ve only come under budget ONCE in all of our trips lol … coffee, gifts, and snacks usually push us over but I don’t sweat it.



  1. Let me know if I can help! I’m a fellow AP Art History teacher, and I live in Italy half the year! I’m also fluent in Italian, have a PhD in Roman archaeology, and have been everywhere you are going this trip. Contact me for Assisi details especially!

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