My Orlando Travel Guide

Fab wedding photo with the famous Lake Eola fountain in the background. Thank you Scott David photography!!!

So my godmother and her family are staying at my house while we are in Mexico (perfect house swapping time!) and she asked me to come up with some cool things for them to do while in Central Florida that totally avoids Disney & Universal. Well that made me realize this would be the perfect opportunity to actually write down some of our favorite haunts in the area.

In true over the top fashion, I made a 16-page “booklet” with some of my favorite museums, outdoor spots, restaurants, and historic downtown strolls. And because I like to share, here is my Orlando Travel Guide! Enjoy the guide. 🙂

Some highlights include:

  • Bok Towers (especially fo rehire Christmas decor)
  • Historic Sanford
  • Mills-50 district (so many great restaurants)
  • Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando
  • Loch Haven Park Museums (dedicated blog post HERE & Snap!Orlando review HERE)
  • Strolling Winter Park
  • Lakeridge Winery
  • and so many more!


P.S. I also realized my only photos around town are from my wedding day. Oops gotta fix that soon! But our wedding photographer was amazing, check out Scott David Photography!



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