So Blessed

I’m not really a fan of #blessed because most of the times is seems super fake but today I have to give in. I have felt so blessed this year even though there were so many painful moments in between.

So here is my top five #blessed for this past year!



Does he drive me crazy? Yes! Does he always have my back? Yes! Do I love him always? Yes! He is the best partner, travel buddy, sound board, and handsome fellow around!

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Holidays with Family

This Thanksgiving we’re in sunny SoCal spending the day with Will’s cousin’s family and last year we were in chilly Boston with his mom’s family. Couple that with Christmas in Germany with my family and I cannot complain!

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New School

Last year was professionally heartbreaking for me and a fresh start was needed. I’m at a new school with some new subjects and I feel so refreshed and at home. I am so happy I made the change! Keeping up with old friends and making some new ones. 🙂

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Teaching Catechism

I started teaching Catechism classes at my church last year and some weeks it seriously has kept me sane. I love talking about G-d and our Catholic Faith with my kiddos. That hour a week volunteering is such a welcome relief from the busyness of the world.

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This Blog

I love the time I take to sit and type on JisforJourney; whether it’s about religion, art history, or travel. It’s my outlet and allows me the creativity I crave. So thanks for being a reader!!!

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Hope you are also having a #blessed day! 🙂


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