Travel Style: Long Weekend in D.C.

The weather was beyond PERFECT for my recent long weekend in Washington, D.C.: sunny, mid-60’s and breezy. I totally over-packed but mostly because I had extra space in my bag and wanted options. Didn’t wear like half of it, but here are the things I actually wore on this recent trip:


Day 1: Flying in & Walking Around

We left Orlando with a morning flight and arrived by lunchtime in D.C. As I mentioned, the weather was perfect so we took the opportunity to walk around and do the memorials. We also got to sneak in two small museums too! Busy day.

Leggings are always a good choice when flying and the Chambray shirt is loose and comfy. My scarf is super thin but surprisingly very effective for chilly airplanes.

How funny! I was going through photos and realized I wore the same scarf last time I was in the National Gallery AND it was my mosque cover up in NYC. Versatile little thing!

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Day 2: Museum Hopping

This was a museum heavy day so I wanted comfort with my footwear and an outfit that didn’t have a lot of “extras;” i.e. no big purse, no extra jackets. Today’s look was minimal: cream sweater, light scarf, dark wash jeans, boat shoes, and a lightweight cross body purse.

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Day 3: Brunch & Flying Home

Unfortunately, it was drizzling rain the entire morning so walking around before our flight was a bust. My outfit today was diva with comfort…lol. Looks super put together but is comfortable and easy: boots, jeans, black t-shirt, and a shawl.

Hard to see in these photos but I also have jewelry on with each look: I brought 1 set of dangling earrings and a short necklace.


TEMPLATE- Packing List


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