Dorm Life @ the Seminary

So while on my Religious Worlds on New York summer program I opted to stay in the dorms at the Union Theological Seminary choosing the cheapest option … which meant I was sharing a bathroom. Butttttt I didn’t realize it was a hall bathroom (totally different from what I was expecting when I heard the word “shared”). I, however, survived the trip and had a great time in the dorm! (mostly because I found a private bathroom available near my room yay!)

So here’s a sneak peek of my dorm life for three weeks! The photos below are the room I was assigned, which was still decorated with its owner’s stuff, and made it feel extra homey while I was there!

File_004 (2)


And then there were the common spaces: our floor had two communal kitchens where I cooked a couple of nights, the hall bath, & a common living room. I enjoyed meeting with the other program participants and Union students watching crappy TV, cooking, and talking.

File_006File_007File_001 (2)


The views expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect those of the National Endowment for the Humanities or the Religious Worlds institute.Β  For detailed information about the institute, see

guide to surviving a summer roadtrip

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