Summer Series: North Carolina

North Carolina

Many summers ago my sister and I took a road trip up the mountains of North Carolina with my godmother and her family. We had a gorgeous, roomy cabin far away from other human noises that served as our home base for the week. As much as I love museums, cities, and “culture,” you’ve got to get away sometimes to experience the overpowering beauty of nature. We’ll here’s a bit of a camera roll from our 2008 North Carolina trip!

Hanging Out

A much overlooked part of vacationing is the relaxing aspect. I know I am always guilty of this for my “go, go, go” personality but it is nice to just stroll through town or hangout at home talking with family.



As much as I love the mountains, I HATE cold mountain water. Getting in is always the hardest part, the easy part is letting the stream steer you downriver. 🙂

Horseback Riding & Hiking

One of my favorite outdoor activities is just a quiet walk through the woods and this trip was the perfect opportunity for that! Not only was our cabin a stones throw away from some nice trails, it was a short drive to gorgeous national forests.

I am not a huge fan of horses but it’s a really enjoyable way to see the mountain landscape a little bit faster than your own two feet can take you. My uncle rode a Clydesdale that day and that horse was so wide it made its own mountain trails as it passed by (see the photo above). lol

State Fair

State fairs are the quintessential American summer event. However, I get motion sickness really easily so I didn’t really ride any of the carnival rides, just enjoyed the atmosphere of a more “small town” America than I am used to.



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