Prepping for the AP Art History Course

I know summer just started for some of us (sorry if you’re still in school!) but my brain is already thinking about next year. Tweaking, editing, and making smooth any of my previous year’s kinks. I am happy to say, however, that most of my course is laid out and at this point I am just refining.

There are a million different ways to teach AP Art History and “my way” is not more valid than any others…but since this is MY blog, I share my way of doing things. 🙂 This year I want to work on my blog posts on specific images (that kinda fell off a bit as things got CRAZY busy!) and I want to add in some teaching strategies.


If you’re interested, here’s my general plan for the school year:

  1. Global Prehistory
  2. The Ancient World
  3. The Classical World
  4. Introduction to World Religions
  5. The Medieval & Islamic World
  6. Renaissance to Baroque
  7. Art of the Americas
  8. Africa, Oceania, & East Asia
  9. The Late 18th & 19th Century
  10. The Modern World
  11. Global Contemporary

How do you organize your Art History class?


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