Our school just stared a Jewish Student Union Club (JSU) and I was so incredibly excited to hear about it so I went to their first meeting and then offered to co-sponsor it by the end. You already know my obsession with Jewish Holidays (The SabbathPurimHanukkah) but this club is about so much more than that.


After watching the first meeting, the purpose of the club seems to be to help students discuss and fight hate crimes (including but not limited to Anti-Semitism). They want to use Jewish culture and tradition as a jumping off point for students (Jewish and non-Jewish alike) to celebrate different backgrounds, religions, and cultures. This is right up my alley! (hello! I teach world religions in my Humanities Class)

My school is in an overwhelming majority-white area and although I have never experienced a hate crime there I definitely have overheard students make comments about Hispanic immigrants that were ignorant and hurtful without realizing that my family is Cuban.

I am excited to be apart of something that is empowering our youth to peacefully and safely discuss the terrible trends happening in our world today. This club is certainly not going to be all roses and butterflies, I know they will experience hate and distrust but I hope to help them overcome that hate with love.


cover image: https://az616578.vo.msecnd.net/files/responsive/embedded/any/desktop/2016/07/25/6360507276570166231315463447_Spread%20Love%20Not%20Hate%20Pic%203.jpg

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