My Blogging Series

I’ve thought a lot about my purpose while blogging and I’ve come to realize that although my blog is kind of all over the place, I do have a general theme: global culture. Whether that includes visiting it, reading about it, eating it, or teaching it! Here are some of the series I have on this blog with some of the top posts!

blogging-seriesStudent Series!

This series is actually all about my students and is probably the most diverse thing on here. My Humanities students write short “blog posts” instead of Semester Exams and I chose some of the best ones to display here.

img_1110AP Art History 

This series is actually where most of my traffic comes from, I feel that is because there just isn’t a lot of information out there about some of the pieces from the art history 250 curriculum. I combine academic information with my lessons and resources; it’s good for teachers and students alike!


Although not a formal series, this crosses over a bit with my AP Art History content but here I focus on how I teach in class my classroom.


One of the biggest sections of this blog, I also infuse my love of art and culture into all of my travel.

10389237_10206915456466142_3512628599928310532_nBook Review

I definitely need to add more to this section considering the mountains of books I read, but this is where I talk about the books that I love (art, religion,and culture still reign supreme).


Specifically I have two concentrations: Catholic Culture & Jewish Holidays. As a practicing Catholic, I like talking about our unique celebrations, traditions, and rituals. And I really have no idea why Jewish Holidays are a thing on my blog, but I absolutely love researching about Jewish traditions!

When you can’t travel…cook!

This is actually a very new idea for me and I came out of a suggestion from my husband that not only do we try to travel, we also bring different cultures in to our kitchen. My first post was unexpectedly SUPER popular so I decided to stick with it.


P.S. This seems wayyy too much for such a little blog like mine! But hey, my interests are as diverse as my blog. Should I refine my series?

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