Our Benelux Trip Accommodations

We are split our trip in two: 4 nights in Brussels and 4 in Amsterdam. We still do budget accommodations but with style. πŸ™‚



We stayed in an AirBnb (you know I love them!) in the heart of the French Quarter within easy walking distance of public transportation. Typically when just Will and I travel we like to stay in a room in someone’s house so we have locals to talk to but we found a whole apartment for the same price so figured why not!?

Total cost: $280 (A small apartment for 4 nights)

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Finding cheap accommodations here is freakin’ impossible! Holy cow the prices are not what I am happy paying. We decided to do a hostel here especially because my sister and her boyfriend are going to meet up with us 2 nights. You’re going to LOVE the hostel I found: Hostel Van Gogh!!!! Not only are we a stone’s throw away from some amazing museums we are also in a awesomely designed hostel.

Total cost: 296€ (2 beds in a 6 person dorm for 4 nights)

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