Spring Break: Belgium & Netherlands

Heading over to Europe again today! This time we are visiting The Netherlands and Belgium and really looking forward to two completely new experiences. Here’s our basic plan for the week:



We’re making Brussels our base while here so we can hop to other cities for day trips (I prefer to minimize moving my luggage from place to place). Looking forward to some fantastic street food (waffles, mussels, & chocolate oh my!) along with some great city architecture.


Less than an hour from Brussels, were are making a Ghent day trip because I am dying to see the Ghent Altarpiece. There are some nice tucked away sites here like the Beguinages and gorgeous city walks; it should be a leisurely day.


Also known as the “Venice of the North;” I’ve seen so many beautiful Pinterest photos from Bruges and I’m so excited to see it for myself. It was a toss up between Antwerp and Bruges, but I couldn’t pass up those gorgeous canals. Again, easy hour train trip from Brussels.

The Netherlands


No brainer here! Amsterdam will be our base for the second half of our trip. We signed up for this fancy cheese & wine tasting at Reypenaer Cheese Tasting Room and then my sister and her boyfriend are going to join us here for a few days. Our time in Amsterdam will be spent exploring the past: Anne Frank House & world-famous art museums!

IMG_2166Tulip Fields & Windmills

Tulips are my favorite flower in the world and it is the start of tulip seasons so there was no way I was passing up a change to see this ostentatious display. Coupled with our day-trip to see the tulips and windmills. Loving the cliche on this day. 🙂 I hope the weather works out for us!



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