Stop Telling Me How to Travel

Ok so today’s post is a bit of a rant, but I’ll keep it short!


I’m sick and tired of reading lists such as “you can’t go to (insert county) and not see these  10 places” or “you HAVE to visit these landmarks before you die.”

In short: NO I DON’T. 

Sure I love a good “checklist” like any traveler and I read guide books and blogs out the wazoo but the internet is inundated with lists. I feel like people take pictures of “famous” things just to prove they were there to show off that they checked these items off their “list” when they have no real idea why it is worth seeing in the first place.

As a blogger, I sincerely try to give reasons to why you should visit some of the awesome things I’ve seen and I actively avoid telling you all where to go/what to eat and just provide my experience and allow you to decide from there.

So internet, stop giving me a list that just tells me where to go and just tell me why you loved it and, hey, maybe I’ll add it to my bucket list. 🙂



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