Travel Style: Tampa


So I’d like to think I am a decently stylish woman, at least I spend enough time pinning outfits and shopping. πŸ™‚ When traveling I am extra conscience that every outfit may be in a photo (and therefore may be on this blog!), in addition I want to be comfortable and blend in with the locals. I’ve read a million posts on packing for travel and they all agree to stick to a color or two, which for me, usually ends up being black.

Here’s what I did for our most recent Tampa Bay trip:

Outfit #1: We had about a 2 hour drive at 5:30 am on Saturday to Tampa so the theme for Saturday’s outfit was all about comfort while also looking trΓ¨s chic to museum hop. All black it is! I half-tuckedΒ black tank top into a maxi black skit with flip-flops and added long silver necklace. I kept a grey shawl/scarf in the car and took it out when I went into chilly museums. Hair in a curly bun was a must for today!



Fun fact! That skit used to be a maxi dress that got too short to I had my cousin chop off the top and resew it. πŸ™‚

Outfit #2: Today was a beach day mixed with some city walking so I couldn’t be indecent for public places. I paired my all-black bathing suit (the color scheme went into all my outfit choices!) with a short black dress, the same flip-flops as the day before, and a hat to cover up all that crazy beach hair (I get REALLY crazy-curly beach hair!).

Pair anything with diva sunglasses and you’re good to go!


Second fun fact!Β My “shawl” here is actually a Turkish towel that my good friend, Beka, got me for Christmas. Doubling up saves on space!

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Outfit #3: We spent half a day in Ybor City and then drove back to Orlando while running some errands along the way. My feet where sick and tired of those flip-flops so I switched to a new pair of sneakers with some black shorts and a black and white blouse.

A word about sneakers and travel: I HATE wearing sneakers except for running;Β I just feel that I can’t “make it work.” But I took a risk with these hoping I can use them while traveling as an alternative to ballet flats or boots. I really liked them and they still felt “lady-like.” Let’s see how much use I get out of them!




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